Components for image processing systems

A successful vision system depends on the choice of the optimal components.

Lighting, lens, image sensor, image processing and communication are among the most important components in image processing. The lighting ensures that the inspection part can be clearly recognized by the camera. The lens captures the image and displays it for the sensor.The industrial image processing camera sensor converts this information into a digital image, which is then sent to the processor for analysis purposes.

Image processing consists of algorithms that examine the image, extract the necessary data, carry out the necessary examination and make a decision. Communication is typically via a discrete I / O signal or data sent through a serial port to the device that is logging or using the data.

Customized image processing systems also require the appropriate software. Especially when it comes to performance, data tracking or flexibility in inspection, standard software products available on the market are no longer sufficient. Our VisionCommander, a PC-based image processing software for automatic in-line inspection with the highest demands on reliability, performance and intuitive operation, was created over several years of in-house development.


There is a suitable camera solution for almost every application, which we can find and use for you. And if not, we have the idea and the necessary knowledge to develop customized cameras.


We use the full portfolio of well-known and high-quality manufacturers in order to be able to use the right lenses for your requirements.


In the area of lighting, the tasks and actual situations are so individual that we develop and construct special lighting for you - in addition to the modules available on the market.

System Integrator

We are partner system integrators of Cognex and Microscan, the world's leading suppliers of components for industrial image processing.


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