Completeness Confirmation

Guarantee Product Completeness

We offer systems for automatic, optical inspection for final product testing. With our image processing systems we can guarantee the completeness confirmation of products or the complete assembly.

Final Product Inspection

Final product inspection before the final step of final packaging is the keyword for completeness control applications, automatic sorting or counting:

  • Are all parts there and correctly installed?
  • Is the label attached and at the right place?
  • Are all screws installed and covered with locking varnish?
  • Is the blister full and are all parts in the right position?

This is just a small selection of possible tasks of completeness control which can be solved elegantly with our systems. In the fully automated final inspection, the completeness control of products or the complete assembly is ensured thanks our ready-to-use turnkey image processing systems from senswork.



Praline Box Inspection
Location & Position Recognition and Completeness Confirmation using Deep Learning
Washtray Inspection in the Battery Case Production
Check washtrays for breaks and absence of components
Testing of Lubricant Application on Automotive Assemblies
High-contrast representation of the grease application
Completenss Confirmation at Cooking Field Assemblies
Checking the presence of components when assembling hobs
Quality Assurance for First Aid Kits
Location Detection and Completeness Confirmation using Deep Learning
PCB assembly verification of smartphone boards
Component Placement Inspection using Deep Learning
Spark Plug Inspection
Location Detection and Completeness Confirmation using Deep Learning

Industry Sectors

Autonomous, Digital, Electric
For High Performance
On the Move to the Smart Factory
Complex Parts with Complete Processing
The Highest Demands on Measurement Technology
Guaranteed zero-defect rate
Food & Beverages
Ensure perfect shape and filling quantity
Quality Assurance through Vision Systems
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