The Virtual Connector Gauge

High-precision pin inspection of connector assemblies

Connectors must be manufactured precisely so that the pins fit onto the board during assembly. With senswork‘s virtual connector gauge, the smallest deviations can be detected before damage occurs.

Connectors are essential in electrical engineering. Whether in smartphones, cars or manufacturing plants - they ensure that data or electricity flow from A to B. For this to work flawlessly, the connector pins must fit perfectly on the circuit board or in the socket.

The production of connectors is usually fully automatic: The connectors fall off the assembly line every second - each one of them with several hundred pins in a very confined space.


The demands on the filigree, millimeter-small pins are high: They must reliably maintain tolerances of 0.1 millimeters and smaller with tight clocking. The trend is toward ever smaller systems that have to transmit more signals. If batches are faulty, this can lead to recalls and angry customers in the worst case. To ensure quality and precision, the plug connections must be continuously checked.

senswork solves a fundamental problem in the pin inspection of connector assemblies with the virtual plug gauge: Until now, mechanical inspection gauges have been used to check the position of individual pins. However, these have several disadvantages: they are inflexible and the inspection is very time-consuming. If a pin is missing or broken off, this cannot be detected with the mechanical plug gauge. In addition, the part may be abraded or bent.


The virtual connector gauge from senswork makes the testing process much easier than before. In the first step, a precise, virtual image of the circuit board hole pattern or the socket of the mating connector is created using a high-resolution camera system.

In the second step, the intelligent test software calculates whether the connector assembly is „pluggable“ or not. Using an optimization process, the virtual teaching is iteratively shifted or rotated on a given pin situation in the picture until either a solution is found (all pins can be plugged in) or the method is terminated if no further improvement can be achieved.




  • Pin positions check
  • Inline measurement
  • Detection of form defects
  • Extremely short evaluation time: 20 ms
  • Flexible measuring method: For all connector types / PCB
  • Contactless and wear-free
  • Less material needed
  • High resolution results




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