On the Move to the Smart Factory

Mechanical engineering is on the verge of becoming a smart factory. In order to make the leap, machines, process chains and entire production lines are automated, digitized and networked with one another.

With our turnkey solutions for industrial image processing, our intelligent algorithms for evaluation and our specific process know-how from numerous projects, we can safeguard every manufacturing process, regardless of whether it is stamping, deep drawing or injection molding.


Aluminum Die Castings Scan without Shadows
3D measurement by means of laser triangulation
Fakra Connector Inspection in fully automated Production
Fakra connector quality assurance
Surface Inspection of Graphite
Shape-from-Shading system inspects graphite surfaces for damage
3D Measurement of Clay Bricks
Spatial Measurement Using Laser Triangulation
Pick & Place Application Supported by Calibrated Camera Systems
Flexfeeder + Robotics + senswork = a smart combination
3D Inspection System for Saw Blades
Dual 3D camera system detects dimensional deviations on saw blades
Completeness Check at Cooking Field Assemblies
Check the presence of individual components when assembling stoves tops
Position Detection of Switching Elements
Ensure precise assembly of switching elements for electric stoves
Rotation Position Detection Using a Smart Camera
Stable rotation position detection of cast parts in post-processing
360° Laser Scanning of Metal Rods
Check for Breakouts, Chipping, Steps
3D Position Detection of Synthetic Bags using Time of Flight
Automatic depalletizing by means of a robot
Inspection of the Weld of Subsea Cables
Ensure the quality of the weld seam at the seams of subsea cables
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