For High Performance

In the electrical and semiconductor industry, smaller and more compact parts are being developed that have to transmit more and more signals. In order for the electronic devices and systems - electric motors, wafer batteries, circuit boards - to function perfectly, these testing inspection systems are necessary in the production of the parts.

With our optical measuring and testing systems, e.g. for surface inspection, deviations or defects in injection molding, bending, joining or final acceptance of the parts can be detected and avoided at an early stage.


The Virtual Connector Gauge
High-precision pin inspection of connector assemblies
2D-Measuring System for Connector Assemblies
The VisionUnit from senswork enables a semi-automatic measurement of connector assemblies
High-Precision Joining of Vehicle Displays
The prism module from senswork enables a simultaneous view in two directions
Turnkey Manual Testing Station
Camera system with variable camera adjustment insepcts the Fakra connector assembly
USB Connector Inspection on Multiple Focal Planes
VisionUnit with automatic focus adjustment checks USB plugs
2D Measuring System for Connector Assemblies
VisionUnit from senswork enables semi-automatic measurement of connector assemblies
Smart Camera with Mirror Deflection
VisionUnit inspects connector assemblies in a test machine
ZFokus - Inspektion von Pressfits an Steckerleisten
Inspection of Press Fits on Connector Strips
Height check with ZFokus
Inspection of Electronic Assemblies
Pluggability Check, Coding Check and Label Inspection
VisionUnit with Manual or Automatic Focus Adjustment
Maximum image sharpness for a wide variety of component types
New 3D Method for Insepcting Coaxial Cables
Measurement of the inner conductor tip deflection of coaxial cables
Pin Inspection of Fakra Connector Assemblies with Press Fits
Turnkey test device with automatic focusing device
Checking Welding Spoons for Position Accuracy
Transmitted light illumination enables reliable testing of component positions
Optical Inspection of Seven Segment Displays
Detecting the Smallest Defects in Injection Molding
Inspection of Cut Contacts on a Connector Assembly
Connector inspection with a smart mirror and prism system
Reading a Raised Inscription on Smartphone Cases
Robust Reading of the Label using Deep Learning based OCR
Quality assurance for LED curcuit boards
Error detection with the help of Deep Learning
PCB assembly verification of smartphone boards
Component Placement Inspection using Deep Learning
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