Autonomous, Digital, Electric

The automotive industry is being driven by electrification, digitization and automation. The electric motor is gradually replacing the combustion engine. Consumer electronics and infotainment features in the car are becoming increasingly important. And autonomous driving is moving more into focus.

We develop optical sensors, camera technology and software for real-time data processing so that every vehicle receives a precise image of the real traffic conditions. This allows a vehicle to make the right decision in every situation.

Automation and quality assurance also play a decisive role in production. In order to keep the reject rate of the components from the press shop to the final assembly low, to guarantee the quality and the traceability, process parameters must be strictly adhered to. For this we offer high-precision 3D measuring systems, reliable test devices and real-time solutions for automatic inspection.


The Virtual Connector Gauge
High-precision pin inspection of connector assemblies
2D-Measuring System for Connector Assemblies
The VisionUnit from senswork enables a semi-automatic measurement of connector assemblies
High-Precision Joining of Vehicle Displays
The prism module from senswork enables a simultaneous view in two directions
OCR System for Turbocharger Guide Vanes
Dual Camera System Detects Nest Numbers on Miniature Components
Turnkey Manual Testing Station
Camera system with variable camera adjustment insepcts the Fakra connector assembly
Scanning of Aluminum Die Castings Without Shadows
3D measurement by means of laser triangulation
2D Measuring System for Connector Assemblies
VisionUnit from senswork enables semi-automatic measurement of connector assemblies
Inline Label Inspection
Smart camera inspects labels reliably despite the large working distance
Smart Camera with Mirror Deflection
VisionUnit inspects connector assemblies in a test machine
ZFokus - Inspektion von Pressfits an Steckerleisten
Inspection of Press Fits on Connector Strips
Height check with ZFokus
VisionUnit with Manual or Automatic Focus Adjustment
Maximum image sharpness for a wide variety of component types
Automatic Bore Detection of Airbag Assemblies
Automatically detect holes of different sizes
Washtray Inspection in the Battery Case Production
Check washtrays for breaks and absence of components
Testing of Lubricant Application on Automotive Assemblies
High-contrast representation of the grease application
Pin Inspection of Fakra Connector Assemblies with Press Fits
Turnkey test device with automatic focusing device
Rotation Position Detection by Means of a Smart Camera
XXL lighting enables stable detection of the rotation position of cast parts in post-processing
Checking Welding Spoons for Position Accuracy
Transmitted light illumination enables reliable testing of component positions
Inspection of Cut Contacts on a Connector Assembly
Connector inspection with a smart mirror and prism system
Surface Inspection of Cylindrical Aluminum Bodies
Examination of Surface Damage Through 360° Endoscopic Inspection
Spark Plug Inspection
Location Detection and Completeness Confirmation using Deep Learning
Air Filter Fault Detection
Examination of Surface Damage using Deep Learning
Recognition of Fonts for Ring Clamps
Optical Inspection of Surfaces with Inhomogeneous Topology
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