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Optisch Messen Und Prüfen

Optical inspection and verification


Testing of seven-segment displays in transmitted and reflected light


Application-specific user interfaces for ease of use


2D inspection of welds

Prüfung Der Produktvollständigkeit In Verpackungen

Check the product completeness in packaging - solutions for camera inspection systems


Transmitted light camera systems


Inline inspection systems

Cognex 3D-Systeme / KomplettlösungenOptisch Messen Und PrüfenSenswork Optisch Messen Pruefen DisplaykontrolleApplikationsspezifische Benutzeroberflächen Zur Einfachen Bedienung2D-Inspektion Von NähtenLösungen Für Kamera-InspektionssystemeDurchlicht-KamerasystemeSenswork Screenshot Optisch Mesen Pruefen 2

Our solutions for optical inspection

  • Position recognition
  • Optical measurement systems
  • Position verification
  • Presence and/or absence control
  • Feature detection in the µm range
  • Surface inspection
  • Gap measurement

Optical inspection and verification

The use of camera systems in industry is diverse and requires maximal flexibility. Using components from Global suppliers we provide complete systems for optical inspection.

The right choice of components for optical inspection and verification

We assume responsibility in the first case for the selection of the right camera, optics and lighting, the construction of any extra mechanical components up to the complete optical measurement head. Through our extensive experience in industrial machine vision systems we can precisely define the requirements of hard- and software and instantly assess the measurement and verification tasks. Our camera-based measurement systems are designed according to standard measurement specifications in order to ensure measuring device efficiency at the facility. Certified calibration standards allow validation of the camera calibration, particularly for measurement tasks.

Options for optical verification

Verification tasks range from simple presence and absence verification up to complex surface inspection. Regardless of Ethernet-IP, Profinet, Profibus or digital IOs, thanks to the flexible module components, we adapt all established interfaces to an over-riding control system.

We accompany you from the initial feasibility study through to installation and acceptance of the system. All from one source.


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