Erkennen von Lackfehlern - Oberflächeninspektion

Oberflächeninspektion / Komplettlösungen

Oberflächeninspektion / Komplettlösungen

Inspektion Metallischer Oberflächen - Oberflächeninspektion

Inspektion metallischer Oberflächen - Oberflächeninspektion

2D- Und 3D Oberflächeninspektion / Komplettlösungen - Lösungen Für Kamera-Inspektionssysteme

2D- und 3D-Oberflächeninspektion / Komplettlösungen - Lösungen für Kamera-Inspektionssysteme

OberflächeninspektionOberflächeninspektion / KomplettlösungenInspektion Metallischer Oberflächen - Oberflächeninspektion2D- Und 3D Oberflächeninspektion / Komplettlösungen - Lösungen Für Kamera-Inspektionssysteme

Our solutions

We offer solutions for optical detection of:

  • Scratches and striations
  • Cracks
  • Varnish bumps
  • Damage, ridges and depressions
  • Color faults and colour anomalies
  • Varnish faults and entrapped particles
  • Varnish runs

Surface inspection

To ensure that surfaces are aesthetic and functionally flawless during the production process is a highly challenging discipline in industrial machine vision. senswork offers multiple solutions for surface inspection for a diverse range of functions and materials.

Surface inspection on continuous rolls of material

On continuous rolls of material, line cameras are used which can continually check the surface for accuracy. This is done at high speed with very high resolution, down to the µm- range.

Surface inspection on curved or reflective surfaces

Curved or reflective surfaces are often difficult to examine using conventional optical processes. For these applications, senswork has extensive expertise in 2.5D methods using, e.g., photometric stereo. Therefore, we can offer totally new perspectives in surface inspection technology. These innovative surface inspection techniques from senswork are particularly useful for surfaces which have weak contrast or interfering reflections.


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