Senswork Vollstaendigkeit Zaehlen 2

Counting and completeness check - in seconds

Anwesenheit Von Bauteilen

Presence of components

Prüfung Der Produktvollständigkeit In Verpackungen

Check the product completeness in packaging - solutions for camera inspection systems

Aussortieren Von Schlechtteilen

Sorting out bad parts

Senswork Vollstaendigkeit Zaehlen 2Anwesenheit Von BauteilenLösungen Für Kamera-InspektionssystemeAussortieren Von Schlechtteilen

Our solutions for monitoring confirmation of completeness, sorting and counting

  • Counting of features on modules
  • Confirmation of completeness of modules and components
  • Inspection of assembly and product carriers
  • Control of colour, shape, position, of connectors and color-coded single conductors

Confirmation of completeness/sorting/counting

Final product inspection before the last step of packing is the keyword here:

  • Are all components present and inserted correctly?
  • Is the article label applied and in the right place?
  • Are all screws present and applied with locking varnish?
  • Is the blister packing fully populated and are all parts in the right position?

These are just a few examples of tasks that can be elegantly solved using our systems. Using vision inspection systems from senswork in fully automated end control processes, the monitoring of confirmation of completeness of products, such as the full population of packaging, is guaranteed.


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