Schnelle Code-Lesesysteme Für Die Logistik
Schnelle Code-Lesesysteme Für Die Logistik

Fast code reading systems for logistics

Schnelle 1D-Barcode-Lesesysteme

Fast 1D barcode reading systems

Lesen Von Codes In Der Fertigung

Reading codes in the manufacturing

Cognex Dataman Lesesysteme

Cognex DataMan reading systems

Code-Verifizierung Nach AIM/DPM Oder ISO 15415

Code verification by AIM / DPM or ISO 15415

Schnelle Code-Lesesysteme Für Die LogistikSchnelle 1D-Barcode-LesesystemeLesen Von Codes In Der FertigungCognex Dataman LesesystemeCode-Verifizierung Nach AIM/DPM Oder ISO 15415

Our solutions for code scanning and verification

  • Code scanning – in-line code scanning systems for manufacturing
  • Code scanner for lasered, sewed or printed codes on different surfaces
  • Code validation systems for in-line evaluation of codes
  • Code verification according to AIM/DPM or ISO 15415

2D and 1D code scanning and verification in manufacturing

Code scanning

These days, different processes such as laser inscription, or printed 2D codes on products and components are applied for traceability and identification purposes. These are commonly designated as DPM (Direct Part Marking). In order to guarantee the quality and legibility of, in particular, 2D codes there are different standards such as AIM/DPM or ISO/IEC which, in part, defines different quality features for evaluation of the applied code. AIM/DPM targets directly labelled codes, whereas ISO/IEC 15415 addresses printed 2D codes.

Code Verification

Using certified systems from Cognex and Microscan we offer you completely configured camera systems for code scanning, verification and validation of 2D codes in your production line. Verification is achieved by explicit checking of the quality of the code against a pre-defined standard, a process which can usually be performed offline with one of a standard panel of selected camera and lighting systems. Using such a validation system, the quality of directly labelled codes can also be assessed at high speed during the manufacturing process. In this way, errors or abnormalities in the inscription can be recognized early on.


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